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Intercontinental Lubricant and Oil Manufacturing

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We represent a prestigious Oil & Lubricant blending facility in United Arab Emirates.

This unit was commissioned in 2002 in association with major national oil companies and international additive supplier has been at the forefront of development and producing of the quality lubricants. In its search for the best and keeping with its policy of providing the quality products to its customers, they have introduced a wide range of lubricants to cater the demand and need.

Performance, Heavy-Duty; Custom Blended Lubricants manufactured to withstand the demanding requirements of today's engines and equipment our products will continue to perform when others stop. Our past experience, has given us the ability to realize the value of good lubricant products. Our experience has given us the knowledge and understanding of how the products need to perform. This experience gives us the insight needed to develop and manufacture products that will meet the demanding needs of our customers. The products we offer will provide outstanding performance as well as extending the life of your equipment. The results will be increased performance, a reduction in maintenance expenses and reduced downtime of your equipment. We guarantee it. This is why "grade one" products give our customers real value. The bottom line is If we can't save you money, there is no reason to buy our products.

These products include gasoline motor and diesel engine oils, turbine oils, brake fluids, automatic transmission fluids, marine oils, railroad oils, cutting oils, gearbox oils, hydraulic fluids, transformer oils, antifreeze coolants, metalworking fluids and variety of specialized lubricating oils.

With customer satisfaction our number one priority, we dedicate to the continuous enhancement of our people, products and service.

Oil analysis systems, field and laboratory testing and technical symposiums are just a few of our many sales and technical support programs. 
All products, including our marine oils - a new and rapidly expanding business category - are produced, tested and certified to ensure they meet exacting OEM standards.
All of its lubricants are subjected to extensive laboratory testing with the most advanced equipment available.

We are capable to supply all kinds of lubricant such as Engine oil for Gasoline engine, Diesel engine and Marine engine, Gear oil, ATF, Beake fluid and Anti-freeze coolant to Middle East, Asian, Far East, Europe & U.S demands & specifications.


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